Extending enterprise applications to the mobile edge is a significant task, particularly given the pace of change, growth, and fragmentation of the connected device landscape. Without the right architecture, the complexity of building collaborative enterprise mobile applications is daunting.

Collaborative mobile applications require a cohesive, flexible architecture for seamless interoperability and support for a mixture of peer-to-peer, peer-to-group, group-to-group, and client-server communications.

Voyager™ provides a cohesive architecture and a consistent abstraction layer across all connected devices and platforms. Voyager™ is enterprise hardened and edge optimized with a small customizable footprint for constrained edge devices. Connected devices can become clients and servers. This architecture gives solution developers maximum design flexibility and platform interoperability.

Voyager™ accelerates development of applications that collaborate at the edge of the network.

Key Voyager™ Features

  • Service Discovery: White Pages, Yellow Pages, and Dynamic Discovery
  • Messaging: Sync, Async/Future, and One-Way “Fire and Forget”
  • Multicast, Publish-and-Subscribe: best effort and reliable messaging
  • Security: authentication, authorization, and encrypted connections
  • Geo-location: one API for local and remote device geo-location information
  • Database: single API to simplify database operations and transactions
  • Audit: track system use and detect security violations
  • Management: JMX MBeans to control and monitor Voyager™ applications
  • Mobility: move any serializable object among Voyager™ VMs at runtime
  • Mobile Agents: objects can move themselves around the network
  • Network Access: Network Address Translation (NAT) & firewall traversal

Additional Features

  • Remote object construction
  • Dynamic class loading
  • Remote exception handling
  • Remote class enabling
  • Distributed garbage collection
  • Dynamic Aggregation™
  • Task management
  • Multi-home support
  • LDAP authentication
  • Connection management
  • OSGi integration
  • IPv6 support