Recursion Software SCADA Integration with Hilcorp

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With society further engulfing into the digital age, new technologies are being consumed at higher quantities, driving up the demand for high quality fossil fuels. Oil and natural gas remain one of the most coveted resources in the world, and the petroleum industry does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon. At the forefront of the gas production manufacturing industry is Hilcorp, a Houston based private sector oil drilling company.

Hilcorp is the third largest privately-held oil exploration and production company in the US and they operate in the Gulf Coast, Northeast and Alaska’s Cook Inlet and North Slope. With working oil properties valued in an upwards of 4 billion dollars, Hilcorp holds massive responsibilities in ensuring that their facilities run up to standard. Many variables need to be accounted for in the drill sites, and Hilcorp is faced with the challenge of monitoring and controlling a multitude of variables, or catastrophic problems (like the BP Oil spill) could follow.

SCADA Aware Mobile software helps control the production at Hilcorp’s central facilities and further assists the companies’ offshore operation systems. Measurements such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates, injection rates, sand content and gas leaks are recorded intermittently and continuously for well monitoring purposes and delivered by SCADA Aware Mobile technology. Hilcorp also takes advantage of SCADA Adware Mobile’s alarm escalation features ensuring that all their drill workers receive automated alerts up to the second.

Quite literally the fuel that drives our planet, oil and natural gas production is the driver to the ever expanding high volume digital consumption age that encompasses society today. With so much riding in their product, Hilcorp needs the peace of mind and integrated security that SCADA Aware Mobile’s alarm management provides. This mutualistic relationship ensures that Hilcorp operates at peak efficiency and continues to be an industry leader minimizing their costs, adding safety and reliability in the process.