SCADA Threats: How to Prevent Them


An Industrial Control System (ICS) like the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows us to live comfortably and conveniently in this modern world. Through it, industries like oil and gas rigs, telecommunications or utility providers that require remote operations can function at their peak performance.

SCADA’s usefulness, however, is marred by its weakness. SCADA is way too accessible, not only by employees and the staff of the industry where this software is installed but also by criminals and hackers. Once it is invaded by SCADA threats, its functionality is damaged. A business’ reputation can be affected and consequently decrease its bottom line. gives some steps to prevent cyber attacks to your SCADA networks. Among those steps are:

  • Identify all connections to SCADA and disconnect those which are unnecessary or suspicious.
  • Do an evaluation of the remaining connections. Remove or disable those which are not useful to you.
  • Do not rely solely on propriety protocols. Ask the vendor to reveal all backdoors or interfaces. Use all security systems that come with the device.

For ultimate protection, have a SCADA alarm installed in your cell phone. It will inform you or the people responsible for your SCADA network whenever a threat is detected.