SCADA System and Its Flaws


SCADA System, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions, is a type of Industrial Control System (ICS) which are computer based systems that monitor and control industrial processes like electricity and water utilities. The SCADA-Adware System is designed to tie together facilities that are not centralized like power, water and gas pipeline distribution but is not necessarily designed to be secure. Being a computer based system means it is vulnerable to attack both by humans including computer virus infections. The securities of systems like these are very critical because it has a great impact on modern society.

SCADA Aware Mobile directly delivers alarms to your mobile devices using state-of-the–art push and pull technology and automated escalations bringing faster response and maximum reliability. SCADA Alarm provides a comprehensive solution to the alarm problems that persistently plague engineers, managers and technicians and is available for iOS and most android operating hand-held devices.

Voyager is a middleware platform that provides a simpler yet better Service Oriented Architecture that allows developers to solve without learning very complicated SOA codes and configurations. Mobile Voyager allows organizations to receive instant and real time information on devices and simultaneously connect and display data and images on multiple devices while enjoying secure and high performance messaging between connected devices.