What type of customer support does Recursion provide?


At Recursion Software, our goal is to deliver software that meets or exceeds established standards of performance and quality to help our customers achieve their business objectives. Our customer support program is designed and implemented with this goal in mind.

Hotline: M-F, 8:30am-5:30pm CST. (972-712-9870, psupport@recursionsw.com)

Incident Reporting: When a customer reports an incident it is logged into the Recursion Software Incident Tracking system and an incident number is generated. Based on the incident type and severity, the customer can expect regular status reports for the duration of the resolution process.

Incident Handling: Depending on the assigned severity level, the incidents will be handled through immediate or same day action, short term resolution, resolution in the next Minor Release, or resolution in a Major Release.

Incident Escalation: When escalation of the incident is required, the customer can contact the Customer Support Engineer assigned to the problem and request escalation. Afterwards, if required, the customer can request to speak with the Director of Customer Support Engineering.

Product Enhancement: If the customer requests an enhancement to a Recursion Software product, Recursion Software Customer Support Engineering will work with the customer to clearly define the proposed enhancement and prepare a development plan. Each enhancement will receive a priority of 1, 2, 3, or 4. Enhancement requests are reviewed internally for possible inclusion in the next release of the software.