How will SCADA-Aware Mobile save me money?

  1. By making sure the right person gets the alarm at the right time, thereby minimizing the number of trips to the site
  2. By eliminating duplicate responses using GPS-based message delivery and peer visibility of alarm acknowledgment. Your personnel won’t get distracted unnecessarily, and it will save on overtime and vehicle gasoline cost
  3. By enabling the engineers and technicians to access – through their mobile device – current, historical, and related SCADA data, and thus helping them make better and faster decisions
  4. Through management visibility. Managers can also get the alarm and see operational status, and coordinate the resolution efforts if needed
  5. By using less equipment – your field or technical personnel will not have to carry a laptop to access data
  6. By better utilizing your personnel – no need to keep someone in front of the central monitor all the time
  7. By saving on repair and clean-up costs
  8. By avoiding lost production or sales
  9. By ensuring regulatory and procedural compliance through complete alarm life-cycle audit