How does the GPS-based alarm delivery work?


For each possible tag group or user group, a geo-fence can be defined (for example, a 5-mile radius around the event location). When that alarm goes off, designated personnel within that geo-fence get the alarm. If none of them acknowledges the alarm, then, after a defined time-period, the alarm escalates and goes beyond the geo-fence. This ensures faster response and eliminates duplicate action. However, if the manager of the designated personnel (for that alarm) wants to see the alarm even if (s)he is outside the geo-fence, that can be configured into the system.

The GPS-based message delivery and peer visibility of alarm acknowledgment ensures that your personnel won’t get distracted unnecessarily, and it will save on overtime and vehicle gasoline cost.

SMS, Pagers, laptops, and browsers don’t use GPS (location awareness) to determine notification recipients.

GPS Based Delivery