Give me a real-life example of how SCADA-Aware Mobile could help me


An alarm goes off! John Smith, the on call field service engineer, gets the message, “Tank 2 at critical level”! “Why did that happen?” He wonders. “What’s wrong? Now I have to drive all the way over there and it’ll take me 30 minutes! I wonder if I need Jerry to fix the problem? What is the problem?”

SCADA-Aware Mobile helps solve his problems. When he gets the alarm notification, he can query related tag values as well as historical information right from his smartphone. Related tags indicate the skillset required to address the alarm. Historical data will provide a level of urgency depending on how quickly the threshold values are changing. With this additional information, the alarm can be acknowledged and informed next steps can be determined (including who else to contact, if needed). Other individuals who received the alarm notification will get an update of who has taken ownership of the event.

Sending a field service engineer on site is costly to the organization. SCADA-Aware Mobile helps minimize the number of trips to the site, improves on the accuracy of the skillsets needed to resolve the issue, and reduces the organization’s overall cost. Reducing these risks also improves the safety for the impacted employees.