Advantages of SCADA System Integration for Water Municipality & Water Treatment Facilities

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SCADA Systems have been integral in the operation of water municipalities and water treatment facilities. Having this system in place allows the plant operators to focus on more important tasks on hand, as opposed to catering to tedious activities such as manual recording of data. But there are more advantages of SCADA System integration and here are some of the most relevant benefits:

Reduced Operating Costs

Having an automated operation might seem costly at first, but SCADA Systems would definitely allow your company to save more in the long run. In line with this automation, there will also be lesser risks for mistakes, which would mean a huge improvement in the system’s performance and overall reliability as opposed to being vulnerable to human error.

Efficient Alarm Response Management

SCADA Systems have been known to be widely used for industrial infrastructures and companies and are integral for a more efficient alarm management. Without an alarm SCADA System set in place, it would prove to be rather costly and disorganized in case of emergency, especially if it occurred after normal operating hours. A great feature of SACAD Systems is how it can already indicate specific details about the problem—namely, its nature and degree of severity. This will allow the respective employees concerned to act immediately, targeting the direct cause without wasting any more precious time.

Automated Data Recording

Operators normally need to manually read and record meter readings, as well as keep track of numerous log sheets on a daily basis. But with a SCADA System made available, data would then be continuously recorded with higher accuracy and precision. In addition, automated log sheets and other pertinent data can be readily accessed conveniently as well.

Remote Access

One of the most important features of SCADA Systems is how it can be easily accessed remotely. It only requires the use of an Internet connection and it can then be controlled and operated using a PC or laptop, as well as a tablet and smart phone. This mere benefit is of great advantage in maintaining operations, security, and alarm response management.

A SCADA System can cater to simple to highly complex operations and is indeed very beneficial to a water treatment facility, and a well designed system can without a doubt make any kind of complex configurations very easy to manage and maintain for the personnel.