Heliae and SCADA Aware Mobile

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At the forefront of one of the most innovate industries in America, is Heliae Corporations, an up and coming startup in the green technology sector. Heliae is a sustainable applied life science and technology company who is focused on the research and development of algae and other alternative biological platforms for commercial use. Heliaie is a cutting edge force in the ever-growing sustainable aquaculture/agriculture industries. Their primary focuses are applying their technology of algae for environmental remediation and providing sustainable low cost sources of algae nutrition for the world’s growing population.

Heliae works by sourcing out algae and then cultivating it in their Arizona faculties. They rely on SCADA Aware Mobile to monitor levels of contaminants and the purity of their algae. SCADA Aware Mobile has enacted an upwards of 700 sensor tags for Heliae, measuring such factors such as air pressure, CO2 levels, temperature, pH levels, and pump status. SCADA Aware Mobile also assists the company in managing the flow rates in their plants, ensuring every step in the product life cycle runs smoothly. In order to ensure a proper product, Heliae must have clean algae for growth. Without SCADA Aware Mobile, Heliae would not be able to properly monitor their conditions.

As a cutting edge startup in a young industry, Heliae is faced with many challenges. Yet, these challenges are limited when SCADA Aware Mobile technology is implemented into their facilities. Through proper tracking and management of various facility factors, Heliae and SCADA Aware Mobile work in harmony to assure that their product performs and exceeds expectations.