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“SCADA-Aware Mobile delivers alarms directly to your phone using state-of-the-art push-pull technology and automated escalation. Get alarms on your phone on time wherever you are.”

4 Major Reasons Why SCADA Aware Mobile Is Becoming Such A Success At Providing Alarm Delivery


With countless accounts throughout the world and in the US, Recursion Software has established itself as one of the mavericks in the B2B software market. At the forefront of their product line is SCADA Aware Mobile, an alarm management software. Alarm

management software is vital to companies that deal with industrial processes, as it maintains accountability, reliability, and cuts costs of a potential system malfunction.Here are four major reasons why SCADA Aware Mobile is becoming such a success at providing alarm delivery that differentiate it from other companies (like Win911):

  1. 1. Acknowledgement for the Alarms
  2. 2. Escalation
  3. 3. Accountability –Audit Trail
  4. 4. GEO Fencing – Using the GPS of your smart phone

SCADA Aware Mobile is currently being used by innovate green technology company Heliae Corp., and you can read about how Recursion has enacted 700 sensor tags onto their machinery in a case study at… Read More

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