We worked closely with Recursion Software to architect and develop an effective alarm notification solution to address our critical need of delivering alarms to the right personnel – as soon as an event occurs in our oil fields. SCADA-Aware Mobile is exactly what we were looking for. Alarms are delivered in context, with related data and historical trends, which empower the field operator to make better decisions in responding to the event. With built-in alarm escalation, GPS-based alarm delivery, and easy alarm acknowledgement creating accountability and visibility across the team, SCADA-Aware Mobile takes an advanced approach and provides a hard-to-match level of reliability and efficiency. Plus, we found that the team from Recursion was very professional, responsive to our needs, diligent in testing and quality control, and simply great to work with.

Ray Garcia, Automation Design Team Leader

Recursion Software’s SCADA-Aware Mobile (SAM) is a valuable tool in a manufacturing environment. As production increases to keep up with market demand, employees are more distributed, requiring a tool like SAM to notify our personnel of issues that need immediate attention. SAM helps ensure timely delivery of alarms, and data related to the alarms, to smartphones and PC’s. The solution allows manufacturing, maintenance and IT personnel to focus on operations while improving communications and critical response time.

Trish Fannin, Manager Systems

It has been a pleasure working with the dedicated team of Recursion over the years. Recursion’s Voyager, by connecting heterogeneous devices and platforms, is helping to create ecosystems of a wide range of devices. I find this platform ideal for building services and distributed hosting infrastructures. With its key features addressing network limitations, service protocols, seamless integration and guarantied message delivery, Voyager is the ultimate platform for building Advanced Services Infrastructure.

George Peev, Senior Platform Architect, Sony Ericsson. Formerly Senior Architect, R&D at Samsung

Voyager provided an enterprise class solution for rapidly developing a demonstration application at a recent Cisco Live event in conjunction with Sprint. The middleware provides a simple but powerful paradigm for collaborative computing and resource and data sharing. Recursion’s vision for Voyager and M2M/collaborative computing is perfectly in line with the “interconnected everything” future. The flexibility of placing Voyager on almost any mobile device – smartphone or tablet – will create compelling opportunities for visionary companies.

Mark Ennamorato, Senior Director of Engineering, Aruba Networks. Formerly Director of Engineering at Cisco’s ARTG (Advanced Router Technology Group) Business Unit

At Qatalys, we have partnered with Recursion Software for the last two years. We have used Recursion’s Voyager in developing two enterprise products on mobile platform that involved lots of group/community interactions. With the help of Voyager and Recursion’s technical support team, we could deliver concrete products quickly. In fact, Voyager more than halved our efforts. Engineers at Recursion were very helpful not only in the design phase but also during implementation. The Qatalys QA team did a complete regression test of Voyager and found the platform to be stable in every way.

Pramod Mooriath, Head of Operations, Atlas Systems. Formerly Vice President, Delivery & Operations, Qatalys Software Technologies

As the Program Manager for the Joint After Action Review (JAAR) project at AcuSoft I had the pleasure of working directly with Recursion Software’s staff at integrating them into the program and helping both our client and Recursion find the best fit. The Voyager technology provided a high-performance approach to distributed data gathering and processing on a wide range of devices including servers, workstation and phones. These features, combined with the small-footprint and messaging capabilities, allowed software engineers to develop and deploy rapidly in the most cost effective way, whether on a ship or on land.

Donald Cocchi, Principal Analyst, Novonics Corporation

We find Voyager valuable for the simple use as an advanced substitute for RMI, the publish-subscribe mechanism in combination with spaces, and its robustness which is of utmost importance for control applications.

Richard Spaninks, Senior Consultant, Invensys Systems N.V.

Voyager is a cool product. We also had a great experience working with Recursion’s engineers, who provided us with training and support.

Anthony Tooley, President, Adrylan Communications, Inc.