Our JGL Toolkit, a set of Generic Libraries for Java, answers a developer’s need for a generic programming facility for Java similar in nature to the Standard Template Library for C++.Since its first version launched in 1996, the JGL Toolkit has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users.

JGL Toolkit™ Library Contents

The JGL Toolkit provides the powerful code base you need for today’s application development:

  • Find errors at compile time, not runtime, with type-safe collections since JGL 5.0 uses generics
  • Produce simpler code with no more class casts from collections
  • Parameterize your code to take full advantage of generics and JGL 5.0
Features JDK 5.0 JGL Toolkit 5.0 JGL Toolkit 5.0
Collections 39 28 Additional
Algorithms: methods 65 205 Additional
Comparators 2 8 Additional
Iterators 4 31 Additional
Buffers 0 6 New
Algorithms: classes 0 30 New
Generators 0 6 New
Functions 0 61 New
Predicates 0 75 New